Arcadia @ South Coast Repertory

"Benson simply overflows with the enthusiasm of one who cannot contain the gush of inquiry and creativity that pours from her soul."

"Rona Benson, who primarily acts as L'il Bit's grandma, is delightfully funny and sharp.  Her energy helps drive the play, and our eye is frequently drawn to her ...  There's a lot you won't want to miss in this one - above all [Brian] Kerwin's sadness, [Johanna] Day's delivery, and [Rona] Benson's joy."

How I Learned to Drive @ Mark Taper Forum

"Performed by a flawless cast ... Rona Benson is winning and hilarious throughout."

Urinetown @ Interact Theatre Company

"You were amazing.  But you could still go to medical school."

—  Rona's Dad